What is The ICC Success Academy?  A place where an ordinary person can go to seek help with making their dream of success and business ownership come true.




Kemo aka "Shark Breeder" for Black Wall Street began his journey to success during his early years as a jazz musician,  a Registered Principal Securities Agent and now Industry Developer. This is where he began to develop a systematic approach to building ownership for others through success development. Kemo's system plays a major role in its members ownership and is revolutionizing the way people succeed.

After he launched ICC Unlimited Success Academy LLC. He opened the door for Black Americans and others to obtain ownership and create industry, becoming the only member ownership company in the world. 


Leveraging his 30+ years of skills, knowledge, experience, and business education, Kemo has strategically designed ICCSA as a solution-based company to help ordinary and disadvantaged people improve their lives through professional industry creation and success development opportunity.


ICCSA  President


ICCSA President, Dianne Maree, A Australian native who started financial success in Southern California December 2001 after the failed economy struck the global company she had been an executive for previously. She was quickly promoted into Corporate Administator after being with a new company only 2 months and showing tremendous growth and willingness for education and advancement. In August 2010 Dianne was offered the opportunity to help grow the ICC Success Academy where she would support new executive and membership growth. As President she put her customer service skills to the test and took over the organization development for company franchisee's and members.

Dianne has been President for 10 years and has watched the company grow because of her dedication to the company. She plans to be with the company for many more years to come and loves to see others SUCCEED.

Members accepted to the academy are able to work on their dream and get help taking it to the next level.

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A Global Accredited & Family Founded Company 

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