What is I.C.C. Projects Purpose?

The projects has three stated purposes: 1. to help identify, invest and create success for the benefit of people in communities. 2. to encourage uses of talent & creativity. 3. to encourage investment, financial guidance, create executive leadership and to build ethical professional practices.

Who is I.C.C.'s Projects For?

There is simply no one prevailing characteristic of who other than passionate people, but for many it is simply a stimulating building of the success mindset. Individuals range in age, adult and youth with advanced or little to no experience and of all income levels.

How Do I Become apart of the I.C.C. Projects?

Simply schedule an appointment, apply to a project or call for information to find out if a project is right for you.

Can A I.C.C. Project Really Help Me?

Yes! We help with development that contributes to the betterment of your success building goals through realistic resource development assistance.


What's the Benefits & Cost If I Decide to Move Forward?

  • Benefit - Take Your Mindset to a New Level

  • Benefit - Advance Your Personal & Professional Knowledge

  • Benefit - Opportunity to Build & Create Business Industry

  • Benefit - Access to Equity & Investment Opportunities

  • Benefit - Become Knowledgeable about Finance & Investing

  • Cost - Time and Commitment, Starts as low as $25 per session.

  • Cost - No Cost to some qualified applicants.

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