What is I.C.C.'s Purpose?

ICCSA has three stated purposes: 1. to help identify and create success for the benefit of our clients. 2. to encourage success and uses of talent & creativity. 3. to encourage financial security to build wealth for the client.

Who are I.C.C.'s Clients?

There is simply no one prevailing characteristic of our clients other than passionate, but for many it is simply a stimulating building of the success mindset. Clients ranged in age from teen to adult with advanced or little to no  experience and of all income levels. 

How Do I Become a Client or Consultant?

Simply schedule a appointment to speak with a Consultant to find out if we're right for you. APPOINTMENT 

Can I.C.C. Really Help Me?

Yes! We help with development that contributes to the betterment of your success building goals through mentoring and development. We're like having your own personal asisstant, lawyer or manager to help you win.  

What's the Cost & Benefits If I Decide to move Forward?

  • Take Your Business to the Next Level 

  • Advance Your Personal Career Knowledge 

  • Ability to Apply for Executive Level Job Opportunities  

  • Become Knowledgeable of Finances, Accounting & Investing 

  • Earn Certification in Business Consulting

  • Get Start-Up Business Development

  • Cost is Determined Based on your Income Status 

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