I.C.C. Business Certifications is for new start-up and small business owners, who are looking to scale and increase their profit margins.  Having legitimate business certification training provides excellence in business leadership, sales and structure to bring your business to profits. 


A I.C.C. business certification designation is a mark of distinction and respect. Being certified in subject matter sets the diamond standards for acknowledging professional small business qualifications.

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Business Certification Courses 

Our Business Certifications are taught online and instructor-led. These courses cover everything you need to help your small business become structure ready and profitable. 

  • Our courses are by online Zoom instruction, duration varies

  • Certificate awarded upon completion

  • Cost is $50.00 - $250 depending on course needed

If you're interested in our certifications, please submit form below, or text/call us for more details @ 682-499-0977.