OUR VISION is clear

I.C.C. Centex BDC envisions a future where the community is financially & business savvy with the help of expert guidance to sustain generational wealth and create assets.

OUR MISSION is aligned

Centex BDC serves to expand the community of successful executive and business professionals.

OUR VALUES guide us

COMMUNITY: Strengthen the community of members through access to information, resources and practices that positions professionals for success.  

STEWARDSHIP: Respecting the experience of business professionals and investing in ways that grows each member and partnership that shares our mission and vision.

ADVANCEMENT: Providing people with access and the opportunity to build their financial acumen, and to build assets and wealth of their business ventures.


  • The ability to engage in dialogue with colleagues who can share a diverse perspective that may help to advance assets and business profitability.  

  • Collaborative opportunities with like-minded business mentors who understand distinct opportunities that can help you stand apart in a very competitive environment.

  • Professional personal and business development through expert guidance to succeed.


Centex BDC welcomes new individuals through appointments only. Being associated enables you to participate in several I.C.C. Unlimited activities, educational opportunities, and business growth events in addition to recognition of your status as an experienced or emerging business professional.