The I.C.C. Executive CEO Academy is the first CEO Professional Development Certification for start-up business owners, Mid and Upper Level Managers, providing excellence in business leadership, development, formation and structure needed to secure workforce professional positions and scale existing business profit. 


Our certification designation is a mark of distinction and respect in business professional development. Having this Certification sets the gold standard for acknowledging professional qualifications, assessed on business education, management, supervision work experience, and a commitment to continuing CEO professional development.

Certification - Privileges and Benefits

  • Competitive Advantage - Sets you apart from your peers, especially when pursuing those highly sought-after leader management positions.

  • Impressive Credentials - A professional designation with recognition of your business education and work experience capabilities.

  • Knowledge Resource - Access to the I.C.C. vast online business resources of executive and business courses to support your continuing professional development.

  • Commitment to act ethically and honestly in accordance with the laws covering business and corporations.

  • Proof of business education achievements appropriate to the certification designation awarded.

  • Proven track record in management and / or leadership capabilities appropriate to the certification designation awarded.

CPD Certification 

Our CEO Professional Development Certification is taught by I.C.C. Executives and designed to provide solid qualifications and marketable skills for success. All courses are on-site instructor-led, featuring weekly online and personalized feedback directly from your instructor. Our CPD is held twice a year July - August & September - October, and designed for both new and veteran Chief Executive Officers from all industries. The program is limited to 6 attendees, who must be a registered Corporation/LLC and company is operational. 

  • 8 weeks in length

  • Max 6 executives accepted

  • Every Saturday, 2 - 3 hour sessions

  • Cost - Text or call to speak with I.C.C. representative (682) 499-0977

If your interested in the CPD certification, you must apply and be accepted to attend. 

Fluency in English, written and spoken is required for acceptance unless otherwise indicated.