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I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Project (JRP) Volunteers work with JRP officers, in support of parents and youth who are at-risk, headed in the wrong direction, and losing interest in education. JRP's can also work closely with community law enforcement, social services, schools, and parents to help juveniles become successful. 

Volunteer Description, Duties, and Common Tasks

I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Project Volunteer primary task is to assist JR Officer in "Retention" mentoring the youth on their caseloads. Juvenile Retention Officers conduct regular visits to the juvenile’s home, school, work, and other areas of the community which the juvenile frequents in support of their journey to stay on track. 

Steps for Becoming a Juvenile Retention Project Volunteer

I.C.C.-JRP Volunteers usually work with officers/parents, and may require some experience in youth development and mentoring, parenting skills or community service.  Must be a minimum age of 18 is usually required. If you plan on becoming a Juvenile Retention Project Volunteer, you can expect steps similar to the ones below.

  1. Proof of some experience, education or skills to related position.

  2. Must Apply as a Volunteer Juvenile Retention Project Volunteer.

  3. Be interviewed for the volunteer position.

  4. Clear a criminal background check.

  5. Attend 1 hour volunteer orientation

  6. Complete the online volunteer training.

  7. Attend once monthly Zoom meeting/training. 

  8. Work as a JRP Volunteer apprentice for 6 months.

Other Helpful Skills and Experience

I.C.C.-JRP Volunteer candidates should possess good communication skills, understand how to interact with youth, and be prepared to work with their parents, teachers, and other organizations with whom the juveniles come into contact. Volunteer candidates with previous experience working with youth or teenagers, juvenile offenders, or in a position evaluating young people may have an advantage as a volunteer. All JRP Volunteers must possess some skills necessary to work with at-risk youth, including:

  • Being familiar with local community resources

  • Assist JRO with plan of action that will address the juvenile’s needs

  • Have the ability to work with various government and social service agencies

  • Being physically fit and mentally stable


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