ICC Unlimited offers online or on-site, 1 on 1 and group development sessions, training and mentoring to help you succeed in your desired goals. Pricing varies based on individuals need.

Young Adult Career Development (Age 18 to 35)

ICC provides development sessions to young adults transitioning to the next phase of their life. You'll see master-level experienced development specialist that are fully qualified and board-certified to help you transition to independent living and adjust to life, college or the workforce.


Teen Mentoring (Age: 13 to 17)

Teens need flexibility, adaptability and resiliency in their life, but they may not understand how to apply those strengths to their current life situation. Our Teen Mentoring sessions help teens learn how to put their strengths to use in their everyday lives, and shows them how to achieve success and avoid negative influences.
Adult Professional Development (Age: 18 & Up) 

Getting development help is one of our most valuable and effective opportunities we can offer at ICC SA. Having guidance, training, and support can provide you with a broad range of professional & business development benefits, such as...
  • exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

  • advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

  • guidance on small business development, operations and expansion

  • increased personal financial stability knowledge

  • the opportunity to succeed and grow financially

Artist & Entertainment Development (Age: 18 & Up) 

A & E Development is the process any Music Artist or Model goes through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional image in the music and modeling industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, production, performance, marketing and social media. The days of being “discovered” by a record label or model agency are all but gone, leaving most of the early progress to the artist/model, often leaving you with the question, How do I stop wasting time and money?”

ICC A & E Development has an established blueprint to create success that includes helping you obtain:

  • Exceptional vocals and songwriting skills

  • Genuine Modeling Performance Ability

  • Original Image Creation 

  • Plan of action, goal setting

  • Exceptional promotion materials, like photographs & press releases

  • Business management skills

  • Marketing knowledge online and offline

  • Professional Management

  • Knowledge of recording & producing

  • Knowledge of modeling industry criteria.

  • Physical and mental preparedness

  • Basic knowledge of finances, accounting

  • Law and legal issues: copyrighting and trademarks

By tending to all areas of your development may make the difference between failure and having longevity in this business.

If you would like to know more, schedule a NO COST consultation below to speak with a specialist.

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