Planning for, or dealing with, start-up business, loss of revenue and closure requires a special kind of development service.


I.C.C. Brand Development Specialist are highly skilled, calm, compassionate, and friendly.  We know how important it is to listen to you, so you feel comfortable that your vision is being handled correctly.  I.C.C. clients have access to the sales training necessary to become successful business owners, as well as the guidance and support to promote the business. We offer state-of-the-art technology, continuing certification, business-building guidance, and business assurance to help you monitor and grow the business. 

The Benefits of Working with I.C.C. 

You’ll work directly with a Brand Sales Specialist who can help you select the right course of action to take and train you to handle your brand growth process for profit. How you build and scale your brand is up to you, and there’s virtually no ceiling on the size your business or your sales potential, regardless of your background.


  • Sales Workshops & Training – Here you'll have great opportunity to get needed brand development through our exclusive CEO Academy.

  • Brand Introduction – Learn how to develop and grow your brand.

  • Development Consulting & Counseling – You'll benefit from having access to a experienced brand & sales specialist and consultant to help you correct problem area's of your brand.

  • Marketing – I.C.C. offers low cost marketing assistance if needed.

  • Advertising – When the times comes for your brand to reach national visibility. We'll be there to advise you.

  • Cost - We work on a case by case basis, which will keep your cost down. No cookie cutter pricing, you get only what you need to grow your brand.