Your Gift Helps Others - Not Us!

Each year, ICCUSA members & people across the nation donate to help other people with diadvantage situations to excel. When you donate, your help directly impacts people lives in a positive way.

Your Donation Along with Member Contributions:


  • Offer hands-on mentoring to help Adults & Teens succeed.

  • Fund lifelong mentoring to help pursue career goal and ideas.

  • Provide mentoring to learn about entrepreneurship first-hand.

  • Build connections with under-developed communities and improve area economics.

  • Improve the personal & professional development of people in limited access communities.

Together, we can give deserving people the assistance they need to become successful when they have limited options. ICCSA is Not a Non-Profit Organization.

But! your gift is very much appreciated and may be tax deductible pursuant to IRC §170.

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