Your Gift Helps Others - Not Us!

Each year, I.C.C. clients & people across the nation donate to help other people with disadvantage situations to excel. When you donate, your help directly impacts people lives in a positive way.

Your Donation Along with I.C.C. Contributions:


  • Offer hands-on mentoring to help low income Adults & Teens succeed.

  • Fund lifelong mentoring to help under-served people pursue career goal and ideas.

  • Provide mentoring to less fortunate people about entrepreneurship first-hand.

  • Build connections with under-developed communities and improve area economics.

  • Improve the personal & professional development of people with limited access in communities.

Together, we can give deserving people the assistance they need to become successful when they have limited options. I.C.C. Unlimited is Not a Non-Profit Organization.

But! your gift is very much appreciated and may be tax deductible pursuant to IRC §170.

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