ICC Juvenile Retention Project has been in service since 2005, and is for young people who are between the ages of 10 to 18 years old and are experiencing home hardship, disconnection from school and maintaining their education. Our disciplined developmental time period, also known as Juvenile Retention has great potential for hard to deal with juvenile growth through exploring independence and life opportunities.


It is a critical window of opportunity for juveniles and young adults to gain an education and/or discipline needed that would provide the foundation for a more stable future during the rest of their life. This can include developing discipline, knowledge, skills, and character traits that are important for juvenile opportunity and career pathway development, but most of all keeping them out of mischief.

This is How We'll Help Them!

While this is strictly 'Youth Retention Work', and not a juvenile justice or law enforcement program – the confidentiality, safety and security of all juveniles is the number one priority – our core ambition is to help juveniles stay in school and provide them with the confidence and skills to become positive contributors to their communities.

I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Project understands that life is complex, and that successfully dealing with it demands action beyond some punitive measures. Guiding juvenile personal behavior change is a massive task, meaning our officers have many responsibilities, including:

❂ Supporting juveniles in their personal development through individual casework.

❂ Encouraging juveniles to use their minds and have a positive mindset.

❂ Ensuring that a safe environment is maintained for the benefit of juveniles through community partnerships.

❂ Conducting school drop in's and home checks,to ensure their education is on track.

JRP also works:

  • To strengthen & stabilize families and bridge the gap between law enforcement  

  • To prevent juvenile runaway, truancy and delinquent behaviors

  • To help families and juveniles learn to resolve crisis and develop problem solving skills

  • To help parents resume control and maintain parental responsibility & authority

Parents, Schools & Organizations who need help, reach out to the ICC Juvenile Retention Project. This is very important, if you feel juveniles are disconnecting and in jeopardy of heading in the wrong direction. 




All I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Officers are experienced in Community Problem Solving, Youth Mentoring, and are former certified and trained Law Enforcement Officers, and Juvenile Justice Officials who understand what juveniles face in everyday life, and in their community.

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