ICC Juvenile Retention Project OfficerTM  supports the growth of youth in motivation, mentoring, life and personal skills development.  We mentor juveniles between the ages of 13 to 17 years of age, to understand the importance of their education and life purpose.


Sometimes juveniles just don't understand the importance of their life purpose, especially these days when they are feeling misunderstood or being influenced elsewhere. Our Juvenile Retention Project OfficerTM will assist in ensuring that they stay on track to succeed in life, but most of all keeping them out of future mischief and criminal activity, which is most likely to happen if they feel they have no life purpose.


"Juvenile Retention Project OfficerTM" is a mentoring program and not a juvenile justice or law enforcement program – our core ambition is to help juveniles gain successful mindsets, stay in school and provide them with motivational mentoring to keep them from becoming AT-RISK.

The I.C.C. - JRP Officer understands that life can be complex for juveniles, and that successfully dealing with it demands action beyond some punitive measures including:

❂ Supporting them in their personal skills growth through individual casework.

❂ Encouraging them to use their minds and have a positive mindset.

❂ Exposing them to career opportunities to succeed in life, through I.C.C.- JRPO progam.

If interested: Use the Insta-appointment. If you need additional information Text or Call (682) 499-0977 Mon-Fri to speak with a I.C.C. Juvenile Retention Project OfficerTM



Our Juvenile Retention Project OfficerTM are friendly, regulated, certified and trained in Youth Problem Solving, Youth Personal Growth Development & Mentoring, State Law, and understand what juveniles face in everyday life, and in their community. 

I.C.C. is dedicated to caring for the youth and promoting the public safety of all Juveniles, and is committed to building a shared, collaborative "Youth Success System" in every state and community, which can work hand-in-hand with us to retain our youth in society as productive citizens.