For Teen Ages 13 through 17

The idea that teens must go to college in order to succeed in life, to “make something of themselves,” is a false and damaging narrative. It’s also extremely privileged. Going to college—and graduating with a four-year degree–takes loads of support and access to resources.

The Teen Success Academy is that alternative resource.

ICC Teen Success Academy

The Teen Success Academy is designed to build high school students into real confident, successful young people when college is not a option. TSA prepares them to gain life skills, generate financial structure, learn entrepreneurship and prepare them to meet the challenges of real life in the real world of adulthood. 

Youth Community Impact

Teens attending the academy will have a life-changing experience that will positively impact their entire life. They'll learn to prepare for adulthood and how to start and run a real enterprise in a fun, reality based approach and transform from student to professional.


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