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ICC Teen to Executive Project For Individual Teens Ages 13 - 18

open to all High School Students Nationwide

 The ICC Teen to Executive Project is designed to mentor and develop teens in the art of Finance, Investing, Business and Franchise ownership as an addition to their traditional schooling. 

Our TTE Project is also an alternative resource for At-Risk, Under-Served & Dis-Advantaged teens and provides online virtual development, creativity & success building.

Industry Creation Corporation Build's Future Young Leaders By Enhancing Their Idea's and Creativity through the "TTE PROJECT"

 ICC Teen Success Academy plans to build corporate leaders & businesses across the nation, and help them gain opportunity in the corporate industry by starting at the source — by developing the creativity of young adults and teens.  This is accomplished with a little funding help from the I.C.C. H.O.P.E. Foundation and a lot of faithful contributors. I.C.C. has launched The Teen to Executive Project that aims to get more young adults & teens interested in business and executive level positions while changing the landscape of blighted neighborhoods across the U.S. 


Since the inception of the project, young people are getting a 1st class-course in corporate and business industry from successful executives and business professionals. Meeting online they get instructed development that tackle the ins-and-outs of Executive Leadership & Business Ownership including market research, finance, investing and how to build wealth to name a few. 

All individuals seeking this opportunity must apply and are interviewed and selected based on their commitment and interest, there's no G.P.A. requirement, but they have to prove they want this. 


"Even if they can just get the basic understanding, they will be so much more confident when they do start a business or apply for management level positions, and that matters. 

Today's youth are often "Influenced" into thinking the path to success has to be in entertainment, sports, or becoming a Rapper. This is what they're shown in social media, on TV, everywhere you look.  The TTE project shows them that there are other industries that exist and that there are people just like them in charge." 



While TTE project aims to instill confidence in young adults & teens to chase their passions, it has a greater goal — to build a strong, unified corporate community of leaders across the U.S.  The TTE Project will change the narrative by bringing attention to these neighborhoods and making resources, knowledge and capital more accessible to young people to pursue their dream.


If interested in this project apply below or schedule a online appointment to learn more about it.

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